Are you a wizard? No? That’s not a problem in Dungeons & Dragons 5e, as it doesn’t require you to be one! There’s an extensive range of spells available, making it easy to feel swamped. But relax – we’re here to help.

We’ve selected the top 7 most adaptable spells that can be utilized by any class. So tighten your seatbelt and let’s immerse ourselves in the enchanting universe of D&D.

It’s time to elevate your game!

1. Prestidigitation

Prestidigitation is deemed the ultimate tool in the cantrip toolbox, demonstrating its value in a myriad of situations. Wizards and sorcerers will find its adaptability unparalleled. It’s akin to having a magical multi-tool hidden up your sleeve.

Consider a scenario where you’re trapped in pitch-black darkness. Prestidigitation grants you the ability to ignite a torch without the hassle of finding flint and steel.

Or maybe you’ve discovered an ancient, dust-laden book. There’s no need for cleaning materials – this spell will have it spotless in no time! Engaged in battle? Employ it to generate distracting noises or bizarre trinkets that could alter the course of the fight.

Keep in mind, magic isn’t solely about flinging fireballs and lightning bolts; there are times when cunning and subtlety are your most effective tools. This is where Prestidigitation truly comes into its own – always keep this useful cantrip on standby!

2. Cure Wounds

Cure Wounds is an extremely beneficial spell that aids in maintaining your allies’ health during intense combat situations. This level 1 spell, available to Clerics, Druids, Paladins, Bards, and Rangers, allows you to replenish hit points equivalent to 1d8 plus your spellcasting ability modifier. It’s an essential tool for any group.

Let’s highlight some crucial aspects:

  • Level-based casting: If you cast using a slot higher than 1st, the healing effect increases by 1d8.
  • No distance restriction: You are required to physically touch the creature you aim to heal.
  • Broad-spectrum restoration: It has the ability to bring back unconscious allies to consciousness or merely replenish those who have sustained minor damage.
  • Swift execution: The casting time is a mere one action.

In D&D 5e, the flexibility of Cure Wounds ensures your team remains in top fighting condition.

3. Mage Hand

In Dungeons and Dragons, the Mage Hand is a handy cantrip that allows you to handle objects from a distance. Think about stretching across a room filled with traps or snatching something from an oblivious vendor without shifting a bit! That’s the magic potential of Mage Hand.

If you’re a wizard, sorcerer, or arcane trickster, you can summon this phantom hand and manage it from up to 30 feet away. It’s like having an unseen aide at your fingertips.

Need to activate a lever from the other side of the room? You’re all set. Want to pickpocket without getting your hands literally dirty? It’s a piece of cake! This spell offers countless applications in inventive situations.

The best aspect is – since it’s a cantrip, you can utilize it as many times as you wish without using up any spell slots! So, why not let your spectral helper give you a hand (pun intended)?

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4. Counterspell

Counterspell is a game-altering tool, especially when facing powerful magic wielders. This third-level spell can effectively neutralize your adversary’s magical prowess, potentially tipping the battle scales in your favor. It’s an essential tool for wizards, sorcerers, or warlocks.

Counterspell is adaptable and simple to employ: it cancels enemy magic when they are in the process of casting. Creatively, you can use it to disrupt an enemy spellcaster’s cadence.

It’s accessible to wizards, sorcerers, and warlocks — three classes that are heavily dependent on magic. In campaigns where magical encounters are frequent, it serves a vital function.

5. Disguise Self

Disguise Self, a primary illusion spell, can transform you into an expert of deceit and stealth. This multifaceted spell enables you to shift your appearance at your discretion, making it a priceless asset for cases requiring infiltration or escape.

Visualize yourself moving freely among adversaries, flawlessly camouflaged as one of their kind. Or bypassing security unnoticed because you appear to be an ordinary civilian.

As a wizard, sorcerer, or bard, this magical trick is instantly available to you – there’s no necessity to hold out for advanced levels. The spell doesn’t affect your physical attributes but it deceives the sight convincingly unless scrutinized meticulously. So, it’s key to remember: maintain a low profile and sidestep direct contact!

With Disguise Self in your magical arsenal, you’re not just casting spells – you’re crafting illusions that provide liberty and confidentiality unmatched by any other.

6. Detect Magic

After perfecting the trickery of ‘Disguise Self’, you’re set to comprehend the enigmas of the magic that surrounds you. Welcome ‘Detect Magic’ – a vital instrument in your spell collection.

Regardless of whether you’re a Wizard, Sorcerer, Druid, Ranger, Paladin, or Bard, this flexible 1st-level spell can assist you in recognizing hidden magical traps, objects, or creatures in your path.

  • Discover hidden risks: Spot concealed magical traps before they pose a danger to your party.
  • Recognize illusions: Determine if walls or objects are illusions concealing treasures or secret passages.
  • Spot enchantments: Bring to light enchanted items that could serve as handy tools or harmful curses.
  • Recognize unfamiliar creatures: Ascertain if a peculiar creature is infused with potent magic.

With ‘Detect Magic’, gameplay becomes more captivating and absorbing as it contributes to the depth of dungeon exploration and investigative work. It’s akin to possessing your own magical radar!

7. Teleport

‘Teleport’ is an extremely useful ability for quick getaways and accessing distant places, despite being a high-level capability. It is a level 7 spell for Wizards and Sorcerers, making it one of the most multipurpose spells in your 5e collection.

Consider the ability to bypass hazardous terrains or whisk your entire group away from a lethal surprise attack with a mere finger snap!

The operation is uncomplicated: you form a mental image of the place you want to go, speak the spell words, and poof! You’ve arrived.

However, it isn’t without potential hazards. If the destination isn’t well-known to you, there’s a risk of a misfire and you could end up somewhere unanticipated – or even perilous.

Yet, with meticulous preparation and smart utilization, ‘Teleport’ can be a game-altering factor in your travels across different landscapes.


In conclusion, your magical abilities have the power to influence any conflict or win over a cautious stranger. With spells such as Prestidigitation and Mage Hand at your disposal, you’re prepared to handle unexpected twists and turns.

Other spells like Counterspell and Teleport serve as your shield against threats, while Disguise Self and Detect Magic expose hidden realities.

So, move forward, whether you’re a healer using Cure Wounds or a trickster creating illusions; incorporate your spellcasting expertise into every encounter. Always remember, versatility is a wizard’s most effective strategy!