Caught in the middle of battle, outnumbered with enemies on every side? Do you ever wish for a better way to manage the mob?

With Dungeons & Dragons 5e, that’s completely possible! Here we have the top 7 spells that will make your adversaries hesitate before they decide to rush you. You don’t have to be a wizard to master these tactics; we have made it easy for you.

Prepare to strategize and control your next campaign with these incredible game-altering spells!

1. Web

The Web is an excellent spell when attempting to manage large enemy groups in DnD 5e. This magic allows you to create a sticky, delicate mass that ensnares any unfortunate enough to be within its radius.

Here’s the benefit: not only does it limit movement, but enemies caught inside are required to make a dexterity saving throw or they become restrained.

This results in them having a disadvantage on attack rolls and you receiving an advantage on your strikes against them – an ideal setup for potent attacks.

But here’s the real game-changer: even if they succeed in the initial save, they are compelled to repeat it each time they commence their turn in the web or enter it during their move.

This constant threat keeps the pressure on the enemies and provides your party with some much-needed space.

2. Hypnotic Pattern

Hypnotic Pattern is a powerful instrument for those looking to incapacitate multiple foes. This 3rd-level illusion spell holds significant strength.

It allows you to craft a swirling array of colors that dance in the air, captivating any enemy within a 30-foot cube. If they fail a Wisdom saving throw, they are left spellbound.

Its strength lies in its effects: those spellbound become charmed, incapacitated, and their speed reduces to zero. Indeed, it’s a useful tool. However, be warned – any harm or disturbance from an ally would break the spell.

Employ it wisely when your group is under pressure or looking to avoid a fight.

In essence, Hypnotic Pattern offers you a magical means to manage large groups effectively without resorting to violence. It’s a harmonious blend of strategic thinking and magical skill – a true gem in your spellcasting collection!

3. Wall of Force

The Wall of Force, alternatively, acts as an unyielding barrier that is impervious to destruction by any method. This spell, at 5th level, gives you the ability to erect a wall that resists all damage and most spells.

Adversaries are unable to penetrate it and must either circumvent it or dispel it, which may not always be achievable.

Here’s a straightforward comparison between Wall of Force and another well-liked crowd control spell:

 Wall of ForceHypnotic Pattern
DurationCan last up to 10 minutes (concentration)Can last up to 1 minute (concentration)
EffectForms an indestructible wall; restricts enemy movementEnthralls creatures within range; incapacitates them
Save Throw TypeNone (only Dispel Magic can work)Wisdom
Area of Effect Shape/SizeCan be customized up to 100ft long or a dome with a radius up to 10ft/20ft high sphere in center

4. Evard’s Black Tentacles

You’ll certainly value Evard’s Black Tentacles, a magic incantation that calls forth writhing dark appendages to impede and harm your adversaries.

This 4th level conjuration spell has control over an area measuring up to 20 square feet. Any entity caught within this designated area is bound by the tentacles, making any movement impossible without successful strength or acrobatics checks.

This spell does more than just limit mobility, it also inflicts 3d6 bludgeoning damage at the commencement of each turn, given the saving throw is unsuccessful.

It’s akin to commanding your personal battalion of octopuses in combat! However, remember it necessitates concentration, so maintaining focus is crucial!

Evard’s Black Tentacles is an excellent choice for controlling large groups and sowing chaos among the ranks of your enemies. Just think of their reactions when they are ensnared by its grip!

5. Slow

Slow is an enchantment you might find useful during a battle. It gives you the ability to decrease an opponent’s speed by half. However, its effects don’t stop there.

This magic spell also restricts the number of actions your adversary can execute and weakens their defense. The outcome? You’re granted extra time to strategize and deliver powerful attacks.

Here’s what Slow does:

  • Affects up to 6 creatures
  • Slashes speed by half
  • Inflicts a -2 penalty on AC and Dexterity saving throws
  • Prevents the use of reactions
  • On its turn, the target can choose either an action or a bonus action, not both.
  • Despite any abilities or magic items, it can’t make more than one melee or ranged attack during its turn.

Keep in mind, Slow provides a tactical edge. Make sure to use it strategically!

6. Entangle

In your magical collection, another charm known as Entangle can prove to be quite helpful during intense combat situations. Being a druid spell, Entangle grants you the power to turn plants in a 20-foot square into thick and twisted obstacles.

Any creature trapped inside this area has to make a successful Strength saving throw or find themselves bound by the ensnaring vegetation until the magic dissipates.

This spell is a fantastic tool for controlling crowds, particularly when faced with numerous opponents. It provides a valuable opportunity, slowing down enemy movements as your allies organize themselves or initiate their onslaught.

However, keep in mind – it has an effect on all within its radius, hence strategic placement is of utmost importance.

The effective execution of this spell requires careful planning, but once you’ve honed this skill, it’s sure to pay off.

7. Sleet Storm

Transitioning to another magical enchantment, Sleet Storm serves as a beneficial wizard’s tool, enabling you to conjure a meteorological disaster at will.

This Conjuration spell of the 3rd level creates a tempest within a cylindrical area with a 40-foot radius that can extend upward to 20 feet. It’s akin to invoking a personal snowstorm!

Effects of Sleet Storm:

  • Challenging Terrain: The spell’s impact area becomes hazardously slick. Your enemies will find it difficult to maintain balance, reducing their movement speed by half.
  • Vision Impediment: The dense sleet significantly hinders the creatures’ visual perception, offering an effective shield against distant assaults.

Bear in mind, the execution of this spell demands focus and continues until you cease or are interrupted. Yet, considering its capacity for manipulation and bewilderment, Sleet Storm, without a doubt, is a spell worth retaining in your magical repertoire!


In your journey to become proficient at managing large groups in DnD 5e, these seven spells should be in your arsenal:

  • Web
  • Hypnotic Pattern
  • Wall of Force
  • Evard’s Black Tentacles
  • Slow
  • Entangle
  • Sleet Storm

They are not merely tools but crucial tactics that can alter the course of any conflict.

Equip yourself with this knowledge and let your inventiveness take flight – it’s through combining these mystical elements in harmony that you will truly excel as an exceptional wizard.