Ah, the life of a DnD 5e barbarian! You’re all about the thrill of battle, but even the mightiest warrior needs the right tool for the job. We’ve rolled the dice, consulted the rulebooks, and even had a chat with a few battle-hardened adventurers.

The result? A list of top-notch melee weapons that will make your barbarian not just a survivor, but a champion. Curious about which weapon will be your new best friend in combat? Keep reading, adventurer.

1. Greataxe

You’ve likely observed how essential the Greataxe is for any serious barbarian. It boasts unrivalled raw power and brute force, making it the perfect weapon when facing formidable adversaries.

As you grasp this impressive weapon, you can sense its significant weight as though tapping into the raw, primal energy of nature itself.

Envision yourself rushing into combat with a greataxe, your muscles rigid and adrenaline surging. The mere sight of it instills terror in your enemies’ hearts even before you take a swing.

Its impressive 1d12 damage dice guarantee that each blow lands with devastating impact, potentially altering the outcome of any confrontation.

However, remember that handling such a weapon demands strength and expertise – but for those who conquer its use, they become an unstoppable force on the battlefield.

2. Greatsword

The immense strength that a greatsword carries is tough to overlook. It’s not just a showpiece; it is a game-altering weapon in a fight.

Damage: Dealing 2d6 damage, a greatsword outperforms all other standard melee weapons.

Versatility: The greatsword’s flexible nature lets you switch between defense and offense, adapting to diverse battle situations.

Reach: Its extended radius allows you to maintain distance from enemies while dealing potent blows.

Think about using your barbarian’s Rage ability with a greatsword; each impact turns into a seismic wave of damage that sends chills down your enemy’s spine.

It requires patience and practice to master the greatsword, but once you’ve got the knack of it, you’ll be cutting through enemies as if they were butter!

3. Maul

Never underestimate the raw power of the maul; it can be an impressive force on the battlefield. The significant weight of this weapon will make you feel invincible as you wield it, slicing through your adversaries effortlessly.

Here’s a simple explanation for you:

Weight6 lb10 lb
PropertiesHeavy, Two-HandedHeavy, Two-Handed

While the damage inflicted by both weapons is similar, the maul’s added bulk offers a satisfying punch each time it strikes. It’s an ideal choice for those who relish in feeling their strength manifested in each impact.

So when you’re deciding on your weapon of choice next, consider the maul. You might just discover it’s what you’ve been looking for!

4. Warhammer

Don’t overlook the warhammer, a powerful weapon that merges the exactness of a pick with the brute strength of a mace. In the grip of your barbarian, it morphs into a devastating force on the battlefield.

Versatility: The warhammer provides flexibility in combat. One side can pulverize armor as if they were mere tin cans; flip it over and you’ve got a pointed end perfect for thrusting through vulnerable spots.

Powerful Blows: Thanks to its weight distribution, each swing delivers more force than most weapons in your collection.

Intimidation Factor: Its mere presence can evoke fear in enemies’ hearts, providing you an advantage before even striking a blow.

5. Battleaxe

Shifting focus, we’re going to discuss the intimidating power of the battleaxe. You can almost sense its savage weight in your grip as you envision slicing through enemy defenses. It’s the perfect weapon for a barbarian – significant damage capacity and an awe-inspiring presence on the battlefield.

Here’s a brief overview of some crucial statistics:

Weight7 lb2 lb
Cost10 gp15 gp

Despite its significant weight, mastering the battleaxe yields considerable benefits. Few adversaries can withstand your power when you’re armed with this monstrous weapon.

So, during your next preparation, think about choosing this intimidating instrument of destruction and make your foes quake in fear!

6. Flail

Moving forward, let’s examine the unique and versatile weapon called the flail. This isn’t a weapon for the faint-hearted. Wielding this weapon requires a certain level of recklessness as it thrashes around, creating havoc amongst your adversaries.

  1. Damage Type: Differing from most hand-to-hand combat weapons, flails deal bludgeoning damage. This implies that you’re able to crush armor and shatter bones.
  2. Range: The chain component of flails grants them an extended reach. This facilitates maintaining a safe distance from opponents while still delivering powerful strikes.
  3. Special Abilities: Some game variations permit specialized moves like ‘trip’ or ‘disarm’, offering a tactical advantage to its wild character.

Bear in mind, mastering the flail isn’t a simple task; it demands patience and practice. However, once you’ve mastered it, there’s nothing quite like observing your adversaries tremble before your spinning whirlwind of devastation!

7. Glaive

Our focus now turns to the glaive, a polearm celebrated for its extensive reach and lethal blade. As a barbarian, you can wield this weapon to cause massive destruction.

The glaive’s length ensures you the advantage of striking first in combat, cutting into adversaries before they come within striking distance. Envision their astonishment as your lethal arc cuts through the air!

But let’s not forget about defense; it’s equally critical. The long reach of the glaive helps you maintain distance from enemies, establishing a protective radius around you.

Visualize yourself standing resolute in the heat of battle, your glaive whirling like a metallic windmill.


So, there it is, champ. Your top 7 melee weapons to elevate your barbarian’s prowess in any brawl.

Choosing a weapon is akin to selecting a dance partner: the greataxe dances with brute force, while the glaive pirouettes with extended reach.

Whether you’re crushing foes as if a warhammer on an anvil or cleaving through them as a greatsword through butter, keep this in mind – your weapon isn’t just an instrument of harm; it narrates your barbarian’s epic saga.

Make your selection with care and let your legendary story begin!