Embark on your mission, valiant Paladin, to vanquish enemies with godly strength. The right weapon is crucial, isn’t it? Worry not! We’ve assembled a list of the top 7 weapons that will amplify your Smite attacks to heavenly heights.

So strap in, get ready for some illumination, and let’s examine this arsenal side by side – making sure every strike is accurate and impactful.

Eager to become an invincible power in your gaming universe? Let’s get started!

1. Longsword

Rogue In DnD 5e

The longsword deserves your attention as one of the most potent weapons for a paladin’s smite attacks. This timeless armament is more than just a decorative piece; its versatility is what sets it apart.

Possessing a d8 damage die and the flexibility to wield it with either one or two hands, this weapon offers a range of possibilities.

The defining attribute? The longsword’s proficiency bonus. This bonus is added to your attack rolls, enhancing the chances of your destructive smites making contact.

Remember, its slashing damage is ideal against enemies that are susceptible to such attacks.

2. Warhammer

Pay attention to the fact that the Warhammer stands out as a powerful selection due to its considerable damage capacity and adaptable characteristics.

It proves itself a valuable ally in your smite attacks, primarily with its potential to deal severe strikes to adversaries.

Presenting four essential points about the Warhammer:

  1. It provides notable strength progression, rewarding your innate Paladin power.
  2. The weapon possesses impressive base damage, rendering it a potent instrument against foes with robust defenses.
  3. Its stunning ability disrupts opponents’ movements, granting you dominance over the battlefield.
  4. The Warhammer also prides itself on a broad swing radius, enabling you to strike multiple enemies simultaneously.

Perfecting the use of this weapon will definitely enhance your playing style, transforming you into a formidable opponent on any battlefield.

3. Maul

Adopting the Maul as your weapon of choice, you’ll find it’s an impressive partner in battle. It shines in close combat situations where its significant impact can be fully harnessed.

With a reputation of being a formidable two-handed weapon, it delivers potent smite attacks, producing powerful strikes that can cause your opponents to stagger and become disoriented.

The Maul’s impressive damage output makes it the optimal choice for battling more robust opponents with extensive health pools.

Its slower swing speed might appear as a disadvantage initially, but it’s crucial to remember that each hit inflicts more damage with this behemoth of a weapon. The key is to master the timing of your strikes and ensure each one lands with a destructive impact.

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4. Greatsword

Moving forward to the Greatsword, its superior reach and quickness in battle will command your appreciation. This weapon is perfect for those desiring a harmonious blend of might and agility, facilitating powerful smite attacks.

Here’s what makes it exceptional:

  1. Reach: The impressive length of the Greatsword offers an advantage, enabling you to attack foes from a more secure distance.
  2. Damage: The two-handed hold deals substantial damage, ensuring each blow is impactful.
  3. Speed: Despite its considerable size, it executes strikes with unexpected quickness, keeping your adversaries off-kilter.
  4. Versatility: The Greatsword is flexible to diverse combat styles, fitting whether you’re spearheading the attack or maintaining the defense.

In essence: if you’re in search of a weapon that provides both power and adaptability, the Greatsword shouldn’t be dismissed!

5. Flail

Consider the Flail, a weapon prized for its distinctive properties and deadly effectiveness in hand-to-hand combat. Unlike the common sword or axe, it provides a distinct advantage in battle with its blunt force trauma and unpredictable movements.

Despite its apparent simplicity, perfecting its use requires impeccable timing and careful planning.

This weapon becomes particularly potent when utilized in Paladin smite attacks. Its damage capacity is substantial, especially when combined with the Divine Smite ability.

The powerful swing can unbalance adversaries while the radiant energy from smites provides an additional impact to each strike.

Yet, it’s important to remember that using this weapon is not merely about physical strength. It’s a challenge of your agility and intellect as well. So, take hold of the handle, swing the chain, release the metal ball and watch as your opponents fall!

6. Lance

Moving past the wild dance of the Flail, let’s sprint towards our next weapon – the Lance. For a Paladin aiming for dramatic smite attacks, the Lance can be a real game-changer.

  1. Reach: Its impressive length allows you to strike enemies before they can get within range.
  2. Damage: It delivers a powerful blow with d12 damage dice.
  3. Mounted Combat: If you’re riding a horse or other creatures, it’s an unparalleled choice.
  4. Versatility: Conventionally one-handed when mounted, it can adapt in a tight spot, permitting two-handed use.

However, remember that using a Lance demands careful handling of distance and positioning. But once you’ve got the hang of it, you’ll be dispensing divine justice like a legendary knight!

7. Glaive

Let’s shift our attention to the Glaive, a polearm that is not only intimidating in warfare but also exudes an air of foreign sophistication.

This weapon allows you to attack adversaries from afar, ensuring your protection. When considering its high damage capability, it is a perfect fit for Paladin smite attacks.

Here’s a simple comparison:

WeaponKey Feature
LanceSuperiority in mounted combat
GlaiveRange and high damage

The Glaive is more than just a powerful weapon; it’s about strategic placement too. It ensures you remain safe while inflicting severe damage to your enemies.

Proficiency in the use of this weapon will greatly improve your combat performance, making your Paladin character even stronger.


Whether you’re partial to the classic Longsword or have a preference for the formidable Glaive, these options deliver a powerful blow!

You might prefer the destructive Maul or take comfort in the dependable Warhammer.

It could be the wide-reaching Greatsword that gets your adrenaline pumping, or it could be the stylish Lance and intimidating Flail combination.

No matter your weapon of choice, each one can transform your Paladin into an unbeatable force of smiting power on any DnD battlefield!