Choosing the right off-hand weapon in DnD 5e can be a game-changer, literally. Ever been stuck in a dungeon, cursing your main weapon for not being versatile enough?

The solution might just be in your other hand. We’ll guide you through the maze of options, from light weapons to feats that enhance your dual-wielding capabilities. So, why settle for less when you can wield the best?

1. Dagger

It might be easy to dismiss the Dagger, but in truth, it’s an exceptional off-hand weapon in DnD 5e. Its adaptability is unparalleled.

If your opponent is out of melee range, you can toss it at them, making it an excellent option for a variety of battle scenarios. Its light weight and swift handling give you an advantage in close combat.

The Dagger doesn’t demand a lot of strength to use effectively, so even your spellcasters can have one ready for those inconvenient moments when spell slots are dwindling.

And thanks to its finesse property, you can use your dexterity modifier instead of strength on attack rolls.

In short, don’t misjudge this compact blade; it’s more than capable of delivering a powerful strike!

2. Handaxe

Don’t underestimate the reliable handaxe in your collection of weapons. Its adaptability, ease of use, and substantial damage potential make it a top choice.

In DnD 5e, it shines as an off-hand weapon in close combat situations where speed and power are paramount. Its lightness is a boon when moving swiftly on the battlefield.

The Handaxe isn’t limited to woodcutting duties; it’s a powerful weapon when used skillfully! Its throwing distance can catch enemies off guard who believe they’re out of harm’s way. With its 1d6 damage potential, it packs a wallop that belies its size.

3. Shortsword

We must not disregard the shortsword, a dependable ally for those who prioritize swiftness and accuracy in combat. Its lightweight construction allows for one-handed usage, providing agility and versatility in your movement.

When used in combination with another weapon or shield, it serves as an excellent secondary choice.

The table below provides essential details about the shortsword:

AttributeShortsword InformationRelevance
Type of DamagePiercingOvercomes specific creature defenses
Damage Dice1d6Solid damage capacity
TraitsFinesse, LightEnables swift strikes and dual wielding

This weapon proves particularly effective in scenarios where nimbleness is more advantageous than brute strength. Hence, the shortsword is an adaptable tool in any adventurer’s inventory.

4. Light Hammer

Dual Wielding Weapons

Let’s discuss the light hammer, a remarkable weapon that provides both close combat and distance attack options. Its dual-use functionality ensures you are always prepared for any eventuality on the fight scene.

The Light Hammer has some notable features worth mentioning:

  • It’s light in weight, which means it’s effortless to carry and wield.
  • It has an impressive throw range for a close combat weapon.
  • It inflicts 1d4 bludgeoning damage – ideal for damaging armor or breaking bones.
  • You can wield it with one hand, leaving your other hand available for shields or magic.
  • Its compact size allows for inconspicuous carrying.

Hence, when selecting your secondary weapon in DnD 5e, the light hammer should be a strong contender. Its versatility will come in handy when you need to switch rapidly between melee and distance attacks.

5. Whip

The whip is an impressive weapon that you will definitely value for its distinct attributes, particularly its extended reach and capacity to disarm opponents. This finesse weapon provides you with a range advantage during skirmishes.

Setting it apart from many melee weapons, the whip boasts a reach of 10 feet. This allows you to engage adversaries while keeping yourself at a safe distance, a characteristic that frequently takes foes off guard.

Here’s a brief summary:

Extended ReachAllows attacks from 10 feet awayExcellent for maintaining distance
FinesseUtilizes Dexterity for attack rollsBest suited for characters with high Dex
Disarming AttackAbility to dislodge weapon from opponent’s graspBattle Master archetype is necessary

The whip is worth considering if you desire to manipulate your opponent’s movements and favor strategic advantage over sheer force.

6. Sickle

DnD 5e

Compared to the whip, the sickle shines as an excellent choice for those who prefer close-range battles. This simple farm implement can become a deadly weapon in the right hands.

It’s lightweight and maneuverable, making it a top pick when swift movements and accurate strikes are vital.

The sickle has several notable characteristics that make it a powerful choice:

  • The curved blade is excellent for latching onto an opponent’s weapons or limbs.
  • Its light weight allows for fast, successive attacks.
  • Its compact size offers the possibility of concealment if required.
  • Being a basic weapon, it doesn’t need advanced training.
  • It can also function as a practical tool, making it useful in situations requiring survival skills.

While the sickle may not appear threatening, its effectiveness should not be underestimated. When used by someone skilled, it transforms from a simple agricultural tool to a formidable weapon.

7. Light Crossbow

After discussing the advantages of the Sickle, let’s shift our focus to a potent off-hand weapon: the Light Crossbow.

This instrument isn’t merely decorative. It proves extremely valuable if a ranged attack alternative is what you’re after. With a respectable range of 80/320 feet and dealing a firm 1d8 piercing damage, it gives you a significant advantage over distant adversaries.

It makes use of small, lightweight bolts that are convenient to carry. However, bear in mind that the reloading process can eat up time as it necessitates two hands and uses your ‘free’ action for that turn.

But with tactical thinking and astute gameplay, this constraint can be mitigated.

Hence, the Light Crossbow is worth considering for your armory; its potency and adaptability might astonish you!


Our journey through the top seven off-hand weapons in DnD 5e has come to an end. Just like an experienced adventurer selecting their gear before an extensive expedition, you now have many options at your disposal.

Keep in mind, opting for the perfect weapon can be a game-changer. So, don’t hesitate to experiment until you discover what suits your character the best.

Enjoy your gaming sessions!