As a devoted Paladin, you’ve sworn to uphold justice and righteousness in Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition. Your divine powers and martial skills make you a force to be reckoned with, but what if there was a way to enhance your abilities further?

Imagine wielding legendary weapons and donning powerful armor that not only makes you an unstoppable combatant but also grants you the freedom to tackle any challenge head-on.

This article will guide you to uncover the top 7 best Paladin armor and weapons, ensuring you’ll be well-equipped for whatever dangers lie ahead.

You’re about to embark on an epic journey filled with fierce battles, heroic deeds, and awe-inspiring magical items that will elevate your gameplay experience like never before.

From fabled swords imbued with radiant energy to enchanted shields capable of deflecting even the most potent spells, these carefully-selected armaments are explicitly designed for Paladins like yourself who strive for greatness.

So embrace your destiny as a champion of justice and prepare to smite evil with newfound strength as we reveal the secrets behind these incredible armor and weapons in DnD 5e.

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7. Defender


You’ll find the Defender to be an incredible weapon choice for your Paladin, as it offers powerful attack capabilities and provides additional protection by allowing you to transfer its bonus to your Armor Class.

This versatile and potent sword will allow you to choose between bolstering your offensive prowess or reinforcing your defensive stance, depending on the situation.

With the Defender in your grasp, you can confidently charge into battle, knowing that you have both power and adaptability on your side.

The Defender is a remarkable magical weapon that adapts to suit your needs and preferences in each unique combat scenario. As a Paladin dedicated to vanishing evil and protecting the innocent, this great blade allows you to embody these principles fully.

Whether you’re facing hordes of enemies or a single formidable foe, wielding this exceptional sword enables you to unleash divine retribution while simultaneously shielding yourself from harm – genuinely embracing the dual nature of a Paladin’s calling.

So go forth confidently, adventurer; let nothing stand in the way of fulfilling your sacred duty with the mighty Defender by your side!

6. Animated Shield


With an Animated Shield, it’s as if a guardian spirit stands by your side, deflecting enemy blows and providing unwavering protection in the heat of battle. This magical shield can be activated with just a command word, allowing you to free up one hand for other purposes while enjoying its defensive benefits.

Imagine the possibilities:

  • Effortlessly wielding a two-handed weapon or dual-wielding weapons for maximum damage output
  • Casting spells without worrying about stowing your shield away
  • Grappling opponents or performing other actions that require both hands

As a paladin, staying true to your oath and protecting your allies is paramount. The Animated Shield enhances your combat prowess and enables you to maintain the front line while taking on multiple roles during encounters. It grants you the freedom to adapt your tactics on-the-fly, making it an invaluable addition to any paladin’s arsenal.

5. Necklace of Prayer Beads


Imagine harnessing divine power at your fingertips, effortlessly casting potent spells to smite foes or bolster allies; that’s what the Necklace of Prayer Beads offers you.

This magical item consists of several beads on a string, each imbued with a unique spell from the Paladin’s arsenal. As long as you wear this necklace, you can cast these spells without expending any spell slots or material components, making it an invaluable asset for any Paladin seeking to increase their versatility and adaptability in battle.

To help you understand the potential of this wondrous item, here’s a table outlining some possible spells that can be found on a Necklace of Prayer Beads:

Bead Spell Description
1 Bless Grant up to 3 creatures within range +1d4 on attack rolls and saving throws for 1 minute.
2 Cure Wounds Heal a creature you touch for 1d8 + your spellcasting ability modifier HP.
3 Lesser Restoration Touch a creature and end either one disease or one condition afflicting it (blindness, deafness, paralysis, or poison).
4 Protection from Energy (Concentration) For up to 1 hour, grant one creature resistance to one type of energy damage (acid, cold, fire, lightning or thunder).

The specific beads and spells were available may vary depending on your DM’s discretion but rest assured that each bead will provide immense utility in countless situations.

Whether it’s healing an injured comrade with Cure Wounds or halting an enemy caster’s deadly fireball using Protection from Energy – the Necklace of Prayer Beads is like having multiple extra trump cards hidden up your sleeve.

So go ahead and embrace the freedom granted by this versatile piece of equipment as you face off against the challenges that lie ahead in your epic D&D adventures.

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4. Sun blade


Wielding the radiant Sun Blade, its brilliant light slicing through the darkness like a beacon of justice, you become an unstoppable force against evil and shadowy foes.

This powerful weapon not only gives you the strength to defeat your enemies but also emits sunlight that brightens even the darkest corners of dungeons and caverns.

As a paladin dedicated to protecting the innocent and upholding righteousness, this divine sword serves as an extension of your unwavering faith. The Sun Blade offers numerous benefits that will make every battle feel like a triumphant moment for both you and your party members:

  • The blade deals radiant damage instead of slashing, making it especially effective against undead creatures.
  • When held aloft, it can illuminate a 15-foot radius with bright light and an additional 15 feet with dim light.
  • In addition to its regular attack bonuses, it grants a +2 bonus on attack rolls.
  • Due to its holy nature, the wielder has an advantage on attack rolls against undead creatures.
  • As a bonus action, you can increase or decrease the radius of light emitted by up to 30 feet.

Embrace the power of the Sun Blade as you stand tall to defend those who cannot defend themselves. With every swing, let its radiant energy serve as a reminder that no matter how oppressive darkness may seem, there’s always hope for those who fight for what’s right.

3. Armor of Invulnerability


Clad in the Armor of Invulnerability, you become a nigh-unstoppable force on the battlefield, deflecting blows and shrugging off spells as if they’re mere nuisances.

This legendary suit of plate armor grants you resistance to nonmagical bludgeoning, piercing, and slashing damage, making you incredibly tough to take down.

As a bonus, once per day, you can use your action to make yourself immune to nonmagical weapon attacks for 10 minutes – perfect for those moments when the odds are stacked against you and your allies.

The Armor of Invulnerability isn’t just about protection; it’s also about freedom – the freedom to charge fearlessly into battle without worrying about every hit or spell that comes your way. With this powerful armor donned, you can focus on what truly matters: defending your friends and defeating evil wherever it lurks.

Imagine how unstoppable you’ll feel as enemies’ weapons glance off your impenetrable defenses while your companions rally around their indomitable paladin protectors.

So go ahead – embrace the Armor of Invulnerability and let nothing stand in the way of justice!

2. Cloak of Displacement


Donning the Cloak of Displacement, you’ll become an elusive enigma on the battlefield – enemies won’t know what hit them as you dodge and weave with uncanny grace.

This magical cloak grants you a decisive defensive advantage by casting an illusion of yourself slightly offset from your position. As a result, attackers have a more challenging time hitting you; they’re never quite sure where precisely to aim.

While wearing this wondrous item, any creature that tries to attack you has a disadvantage on their attack rolls due to the constant shifting of your apparent location. However, keep in mind that:

  • If you take damage while wearing the cloak, its magic ceases to function until the start of your next turn.
  • The effect only works against creatures with true sight or those capable of seeing through illusions.

The Cloak of Displacement enhances your survivability in combat and appeals to your desire for freedom. With every step taken under its protection, embrace its power and savor the exhilarating sensation of leaving foes grasping at shadows. At the same time, you remain untouchable and free to strike back with divine fury.

1. Spellguard Shield


Moving on from the incredible defensive capabilities of the Cloak of Displacement, let’s dive into another fantastic piece of equipment that can significantly enhance your Paladin’s magical protection: the Spellguard Shield.

This powerful shield is a superb addition to your armor class and offers invaluable protection against spells and magical effects that could harm or hinder you in battle.

The Spellguard Shield is an absolute game-changer for any paladin seeking to defend themselves and their allies from magical threats.

When wielding this impressive shield, you have an advantage on saving throws against spells and other magical effects, making it significantly more difficult for enemy spellcasters to target you with debilitating curses or damaging spells.

Also, spells that require attack rolls will be disadvantaged when targeting you, further increasing your ability to shrug off magical assaults.

With the Spellguard Shield at your side, you’ll become a bastion of divine power and determination, capable of standing firm in the face of even the most potent arcane onslaughts.

They genuinely embody freedom from fear in both mundane and mystical battles.

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So, you’ve made it to the end of our little list. Congratulations, oh mighty Paladin! You’re now privy to the top 7 best armors and weapons to make your divine smiting even more satisfying.

Show off your shiny new gear as you defeat evil with a smirk. But remember, it’s not just about looking cool (though we know that’s important too).

These items are here to help you protect the innocent and uphold justice. So wield them wisely and let those baddies feel the full force of your righteous fury