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Pokémon D&D – Gotta roll ’em all!

With the US Netflix release of "Mewtwo Strikes Back: Evolution" on World Pokémon Day this week (February 27th), why not get your D&D party into the spirit by running a session of Pokémon5E, a homebrew system that merges the wonderful world of Pokémon with D&D, the greatest role-playing game of all time. Pokémon5E is not just a simple re-skin adventure of D&D, it is a well-thought out comprehensive system of play which allows PCs to become Pokémon trainers to collect and battle their Pokémon. Unlike traditional Dungeons and Dragons, your character is no longer a powerhouse hero with [...]

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Star Wars D&D – A Match Made in Nerd Heaven

With the release of Rise of Skywalker, the last episode in the Star Wars saga, hype for the legendary sci-fi franchise is now at fever pitch. Similarly, Dungeons & Dragons is undergoing its own massive uptake in popularity in recent times and interest in the game has never been higher. While they may occupy completely polar opposite settings, both the Star Wars and D&D franchises share an awful lot in common. Both beginning in the 1970s, they have grown in popularity over the years with many generations falling in love with the spirit of adventure and epic tales told [...]

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