You might think that Detect Magic in Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition would be able to reveal an invisible foe. But the mechanics of D&D can be tricky.

This guide investigates whether Detect Magic can truly uncover Invisibility. We’ll explore what the Detect Magic spell does and how it works in gameplay. Then, we’ll break down the See Invisibility spell for comparison.

By comprehending these spells’ functions and boundaries, you can make better strategic decisions during your campaigns. D&D magic can sometimes be complicated to comprehend with its range of nuances and ruleset variations, but it’s all part of constructing a world full of magical possibilities!

So prepare your wizards and sorcerers; let’s explore this puzzle together!

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Key Takeaways

  • Detect Magic and See Invisibility are both spells in D&D 5e that serve different purposes.
  •  Detect Magic can sense Magic within a 30-foot radius but cannot reveal invisible creatures or objects.
  •  On the other hand, See Invisibility allows you to see invisible entities as if they were visible.
  •  Detect Magic is helpful for general magical detection, while See Invisibility is effective against adversaries using Invisibility.

Basics of Magic See Invisibility In D&D 5e

Invisibility In D&D 5e

You understand that Detect Magic is quite a helpful spell in D&D 5e. It allows you to sense the presence of Magic within 30 feet of you – almost like having a magical radar buzzing in your head when something magical is close.

Note that this spell doesn’t just detect any magic but also spells, items, or creatures that are imbued with or inherently magical.

Interestingly, this spell isn’t just a yes-or-no detector; it gives you more information than that. Anything that bears Magic in the area will have a faint aura around it, almost like an Instagram filter.

The more potent the Magic, the brighter and more evident the aura – like louder music on a stereo system!

However, be aware that physical barriers such as thick Invisibility In D&D 5e walls can prevent your ‘magical radar’ from picking up on any magic behind them.

So while Detect Magic doesn’t specifically reveal invisible entities, it can still flag their presence if they’re using some invisibility spell or item within its range. These factors count as magical effects too!

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Breaking Down the See Invisibility Spell

Diving into the mystical ocean of the spell known as ‘See Invisibility,’ let’s explore its arcane layers to understand its worth.

See Invisibility is a second-level divination spell that allows you to observe invisible creatures and objects. It’s like putting on a particular pair of glasses, enabling you to detect those hidden rogues or sprites.

Think of it this way: when you play hide-and-seek in the dark, your eyes have difficulty finding your friends. But if someone were to give you night-vision goggles, suddenly, their hidden spots become visible. The See Invisibility spell works similarly; it lifts the visible and invisible barriers within a specific range.

It’s important to remember that this spell only reveals Invisibility – it doesn’t uncover illusions or false appearances created by Magic such as Disguise Self. Nor can it reveal creatures hidden in plain sight using stealth tactics.

So while See Invisibility is advantageous in some scenarios, don’t depend on it as your exclusive means of detection – there may be even more than meets your magically-enhanced eye!

Comparing Detect Magic See Invisibility In D&D 5e

Invisibility In D&D 5e

Peering into the shadows of the mystical realm, let’s look at the subtle differences between that arcane divination spell which reveals hidden beings, and its cousin, which senses a magical presence. While Detect Magic and See Invisibility play crucial roles in D&D 5e, they serve different purposes.

  1. Detect Magic: This spell allows you to sense Magic within a 30-foot radius around you. It’s like having an internal radar for anything magical. If an enchanted item or a creature is under a spell nearby, it’ll alert you. But remember, this spell doesn’t differentiate between visible and invisible entities; it merely detects Magic.
  2.  See Invisibility: With this powerful spell, invisibility cloaks are no match for you! You can see any invisible creatures or objects as plainly visible. The catch? It only works on things that are intentionally hiding via Invisibility; it won’t help detect magically concealed traps or barriers.
  3.  Situational Use: Choose Detect Magic when you need to be aware of all Magic in your vicinity; pick See Invisibility when dealing with adversaries who love to vanish from sight.

Recognizing these differences will help you choose the right tool at critical moments in your adventure!

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Can Detect Magic Reveal Invisibility?

Invisibility In D&D 5e

So, can the spell that senses magical presence reveal those elusive, invisible entities? Well, let’s look into this.

Detect Magic, as the name implies, allows you to sense the aura of Magic within 30 feet of you. It can even penetrate most barriers, which sounds like it should be able to detect an invisible creature shrouded by Magic.

But here’s where things get tricky: Detect Magic doesn’t allow you to see invisible creatures. You would know there is a magical aura and its location if it’s within your range, but not what or who is causing it.

Imagine being in a dark room with a flashlight; you could see shadows moving but not who or what is creating them.

On the other hand, See Invisibility specifically lets you view invisible creatures and objects as if they were visible – no more guesswork involved. Think of this spell as night-vision goggles in our dark room example – now you can spot what’s lurking in the darkness.

While Detect Magic is beneficial for general magical detection, it needs extra help or spells when spotting Invisibility specifically.


So, pal, you thought Detect Magic would reveal your secret invisible buddies in D&D 5e? I’m afraid that’s a big negative. The See Invisibility spell is your powerful ally here. Don’t combine apples and goblins – they require different approaches.

Now you know, keep your spells sorted, and happy gaming!