In the throes of an epic Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition battle, the difference between triumph and defeat can hinge on a well-cast spell. As a wielder of arcane knowledge, you have the power to tip the scales with spells that bolster your comrades’ abilities.

Imagine your allies’ weapons glinting with magic as their confidence surges, ready to face dragons and dungeons alike. This guide unveils the top seven spells that can transform your band of adventurers into an unstoppable force.

A single incantation might just be the secret to your party’s next victory.

1. Aid

Every member of your adventuring group can benefit from the Aid spell, which increases their hit points significantly for the duration.

When you cast it, up to three allies within range receive an enhancement to their vitality. They don’t just heal—their hit point maximum and current hit points rise by 5 for each level of the spell beyond the second.

It’s a non-concentration spell, enduring a full 8 hours, allowing you to concentrate on additional challenges that you encounter.

Aid is adaptable, useful for preparing before a significant conflict or aiding recovery following a challenging skirmish. Although it’s a level two spell, its effectiveness in sustaining your group’s resilience is undeniable.

2. Bless

When you cast Bless, you endow your allies with divine favor, which enhances their performance in attack rolls and saving throws. This spell is an asset during skirmishes, shifting the chances to your party’s advantage.

Here are the reasons why Bless is an outstanding spell choice:

  1. Flexibility: Bless can target up to three companions, allowing you to strengthen a large part of your team.
  2. Reliability: The spell provides a d4 bonus, and while that might appear insignificant, it can be the deciding factor in close combat situations.
  3. Availability: Accessible to various classes, such as Clerics and Paladins, Bless is a spell of the first order, enabling you to use it from the very beginning of your adventures.

Keep in mind, the effect of Bless can convert near misses into successful strikes and unsuccessful saves into triumphs, serving as a tactical advantage in any battle scenario.

3. Enchance Ability

While Bless improves your allies’ chances in combat, Enhance Ability offers a valuable increase to their key capabilities, ensuring you’re ready for a variety of challenges. This spell acts like a multi-tool, providing specific enhancements tailored to the current needs.

You have a choice from six different effects, each corresponding to an ability score. In need of a smooth talker? Cast Enhance Ability for an improved Charisma.

If you’re up against a difficult climb, give someone the resilience of Bull’s Endurance. The advantages include having an edge on certain ability checks to gaining extra hit points.

Given that it’s a concentration spell with a duration of up to an hour, you can continue your support as your group faces physical challenges, negotiations, or stealth operations. Don’t overlook the advantage of having the right kind of strength at the right time.

4. Divine Favor

During your next encounter, using Divine Favor on your group members grants them extra radiant damage, transforming their attacks into holy retribution. This spell is an excellent option for those aiming to improve their allies’ combat prowess.

Here are the details:

  • Duration: Divine Favor remains active for up to a minute, generally sufficient for most battle situations.
  • Benefit: Allies wielding weapons receive an extra 1d4 radiant damage, which proves especially potent against undead or fiendish adversaries.
  • Accessibility: As a 1st-level spell for Paladins, it becomes available early in your journey, providing support to your group from the outset.

With Divine Favor, you’re not only defeating enemies; you’re also reinforcing your group with the might of your beliefs.

5. Stoneskin

After enhancing your allies’ offensive capabilities with Divine Favor, you can reinforce their defenses against physical assaults with Stoneskin. This powerful enchantment turns the recipient’s skin into a substance resembling stone, offering substantial protection.

Casting Stoneskin requires the use of a 4th-level spell slot and demands your focus to sustain its effects up to an hour. The primary advantage is the recipient’s increased resistance to nonmagical bludgeoning, piercing, and slashing damage, which are commonly encountered threats in many confrontations.

Yet, it should be considered that Stoneskin has a significant cost: diamond dust valued at 100 gold pieces. Even with the expense, the spell proves to be a critical asset when bracing for combat with adversaries who rely on brute physical strength.

6. Heroes’ Feast

In addition to reinforcing your allies’ defenses with Stoneskin, preparing Heroes’ Feast before a significant battle can greatly enhance their resilience and spirit. This potent 6th-level conjuration spell provides nourishment and confers several advantages for 24 hours. Here’s what it offers:

  1. Immunity to Poison: Your group need not fear venomous creatures or poisoned projectiles.
  2. Cure for Disease: Any illness that plagues your comrades is removed, ensuring they’re battle-ready.
  3. Advantage on Wisdom Saving Throws: Mental strength is vital, and this benefit helps your team resist mind-altering effects.

Keep in mind, Heroes’ Feast requires 10 minutes to cast, so ensure you prepare in advance. Your group will be appreciative when they emerge triumphant from the conflict.

7. Magic Weapon

Magic Weapon is a key 2nd-level spell when you seek to enhance your comrade’s capability in combat by enchanting their weaponry.

This adaptable spell transforms a nonmagical weapon into one with magical properties, providing a +1 bonus to attack rolls and damage. Utilizing higher-level spell slots to cast it increases the bonus to +2 or +3, making it more effective against creatures with resistance or immunity to nonmagical attacks.

The advantage of Magic Weapon is its adaptability. It’s ideal for fighters, paladins, or any martial ally who could use an advantage in battle.

Whether you’re up against a multitude of goblins or a challenging adversary, enhancing your ally’s weapon could tip the scales in your favor. Keep in mind, it’s not solely about increasing strength; it’s about strategizing for more effective strikes.