As a dedicated player of Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition, you know the importance of having a skilled healer in your party. When every hit point counts in the heat of battle. Your trusty healer can turn the tide and snatch victory from the jaws of defeat.

You’ve seen it repeatedly: that crucial moment when all seems lost, only for your party’s healer to swoop in and save the day with their powerful spells and abilities. But what makes a great healer build? Which classes are best suited for this vital role?

Fear not, adventurer: we have compiled a list of the top 7 best healer builds in DnD 5E for you. Whether you’re an experienced player looking to expand your repertoire. A newcomer seeking guidance on creating that perfect life-saving character, our guide will provide invaluable insights into what makes these builds stand out.

With options ranging from Bards to Warlocks, there’s something here for everyone – so why not take charge of your party’s fate by mastering one (or more) of these remarkable healing machines? Embrace your inner hero as you explore these paths toward becoming indispensable to any adventuring group!

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7. Bard (College of Lore)

Top 7 Best Healer Builds In DnD 5E

You must check out the Bard’s College of Lore for a versatile healer who can keep those tunes flowing and your party on its feet! This subclass is perfect for those seeking versatility and adaptability in their support role.

With access to additional spells from any class. You’ll always have options to fit the needs of your group. Plus, the College of Lore grants you Cutting Words. An ability to use your wits and musical talents to reduce an enemy’s attack or damage rolls – talk about turning the tides in battle!

Not only will you be able to heal your allies with classic spells like Cure Wounds and Healing Word, but as a Lore Bard, you’ll also have access to powerful abilities such as Song of Rest (for extra healing during short rests) and Magical Secrets (to cherry-pick even more potent healing spells from other classes).

As if that wasn’t enough, you’ll excel at supportive skills outside combat, too – think Jack-of-All-Trades and Expertise! So embrace your inner virtuoso with the College of Lore Bard, and set yourself free on an epic journey where you’ll keep your friends alive while rocking out some wicked tunes!

6. Cleric (Life Domain)

Top 7 Best Healer Builds In DnD 5E

As a Cleric with the Life Domain, you’ll find that your healing abilities are unmatched, like when you quickly restore a fallen comrade to total health during a tense battle.

This divine subclass focuses on preserving life and gives you access to powerful spells and abilities that enhance your healing role. With each Level gained, your capabilities as the party’s primary source of healing will continue to improve.

The table below showcases some features and spells specific to the Life Domain cleric that make them formidable healers:

Feature/SpellLevel AcquiredDescription
Disciple of Life1st LevelWhen casting healing spells, add 2 + spell’s level to HP restored
Preserve Life2nd LevelChannel Divinity feature; distribute up to 5x cleric level HP among creatures within 30 ft (half their max HP)
Bless Cure Wounds3rd LevelAutomatically learn these two spells, always prepared without counting against number of prepared spells
Beacon of Hope5th LevelYou can cast this spell which maximizes all healing received by affected creatures

Embrace the freedom that comes from being able to protect and heal others in dire situations. Your party will undoubtedly appreciate your efforts in keeping them alive through even the most challenging encounters. Hope springs eternal as long as a Life Domain Cleric is present in any adventuring group!

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5. Druid (Circle of Dreams)

Top 7 Best Healer Builds In DnD 5E

In the mystical realm of the Circle of Dreams Druid, you’ll find yourself enveloped in the healing energies and restorative powers drawn from the Feywild. As a guardian and guide to your allies. You weave potent spells and abilities that heal their wounds and ensure they have a safe place to rest during their travels.

Utilizing your connection to nature and the Feywild. You become an invaluable source of support for your party as they venture into unknown lands.

  • Balm of the Summer Court: This ability allows you to restore hit points to your allies using a pool of d6s equal to your Druid level. The recipient also gains temporary hit points. Making it an excellent choice for in-combat healing and bolstering defenses.
  • Hearth of Moonlight and Shadow: Your connection with the Feywild enables you to create a protective aura around your party’s campsite, providing them with much-needed safety during long rests. This feature grants bonuses to stealth and perception checks while also shielding any light or noise created within its radius.
  • Walker in Dreams: At higher levels, this feature allows you limited teleportation abilities within 1 mile after taking a short rest. Additionally, you can cast either DreamScrying, or Teleportation Circle without expending a spell slot once per long rest – perfect for those surprise rescue missions or scouting ahead when danger looms.

As a Circle of Dreams Druid, embrace your role as both healer extraordinaire and protector of dreams – ensuring that whatever challenges await. You’re more than equipped to lead your friends safely through them.

4. Monk (Way of Mercy)

Top 7 Best Healer Builds In DnD 5E

Delving into the Way of Mercy Monk, you’ll discover a unique blend of martial prowess and life-giving abilities that make this path ideal for those seeking to alleviate suffering while still holding their own in combat.

As a healer, your role is to aid those in need, but with the additional capabilities granted by this subclass. You can remain on the front lines without fear. The Way of Mercy Monk learns powerful techniques focused on healing and harm prevention while developing their skills in hand-to-hand combat.

The Hands of Healing feature provides an excellent way to support your party members by expending Ki points to restore hit points equal to a roll of your Martial Arts die plus your Wisdom modifier. You can also access potent abilities such as Hand of Harm and Physician’s Touch at higher levels.

When using Hands of Healing, these features allow you to deliver devastating strikes infused with negative energy and cleanse ailments from allies.

By choosing the Way of Mercy Monk as your healer build. You’re opening up a world where self-sufficiency and adaptability are essential—providing damage output and crucial support for your team while embodying the spirit of freedom from mastering one’s body and mind.

3. Paladin (Oath of the Crown)

Top 7 Best Healer Builds In DnD 5E

Embracing the Paladin’s Oath of the Crown offers a solid foundation for healing abilities and emphasizes loyalty, duty, and protection to one’s sovereign or nation.

As a healer, you’ll find that your dedication to upholding order and providing aid to those in need makes for an invaluable party asset. With access to powerful spells like Lay on Hands, Cure Wounds, and Aura of Vitality. You can keep your allies in fighting shape while maintaining their morale.

In addition to these potent healing spells. The Oath of the Crown Paladin boasts several unique features that make it stand out as a top-tier healer build.

The Channel Divinity option, Turn the Tide. Allows you to bolster your wounded allies by granting them temporary hit points equal to 1d6 + your Charisma modifier (minimum 1).

Furthermore, at level 15th level, you gain Unyielding Spirit. Which lets you reroll any failed saving throw once per turn when using a spell or ability that restores hit points. These abilities complement each other well and enable you to play an essential role within your party.

FeatureDescriptionLevel Gained
Lay on HandsHeal others by touching them; pool of healing equals Paladin level x 5Level 1
Divine SmiteSpend spell slots for extra radiant damage on melee attacksLevel 2
Channel Divinity: Turn the TideBolster allies with temporary hit points equal to 1d6 + Charisma modifier (min. 1) within range; affects creatures with less than half max HP.Level 3

2. Sorcerer (Divine Soul)

Top 7 Best Healer Builds In DnD 5E

Imagine wielding the raw, divine power that flows through your veins as a Divine Soul Sorcerer, healing and protecting your comrades in their darkest moments. This unique subclass allows you to harness arcane and divine magic, making you an invaluable asset to any adventuring party.

Your innate magical abilities come from a divine source, giving you access to powerful healing spells that instantly turn the tide of battle. As a Divine Soul Sorcerer, you’re gifted with extraordinary healing capabilities, including:

  • Cure Wounds: Your touch instantly mends wounds and restores vitality.
  • Healing Word: With just a word, you can heal an ally from afar and bring them back into the fight.
  • Mass Healing Word: When your comrades are on the brink of death, this great spell can simultaneously save multiple lives.

Your connection to the divine grants you these potent powers; they’re essential for keeping your allies alive and symbolize hope and freedom for those who fight alongside you.

Embrace your role as a healer and protector – let your divine soul guide you toward liberating yourself and others from darkness.

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1. Warlock (Celestial)

Top 7 Best Healer Builds In DnD 5E

As a Celestial Warlock, you’ll find that striking a pact with an otherworldly patron of light and goodness empowers you with incredible abilities and offers a unique perspective on the battle between darkness and light.

This subclass is perfect for those who wish to wield healing powers while maintaining the versatility and strength of a warlock. The Celestial patron grants you access to various healing spells, radiant damage options, and additional support features that ensure your allies remain in fighting shape.

In addition to these powerful healing abilities, the Celestial Warlock gains several features that provide both offensive and defensive capabilities.

With Radiant Soul, you can add your Charisma modifier to any bright damage-dealing spell—significantly boosting your combat prowess. Searing Vengeance allows you to avoid death by returning from 0 hit points with temporary hit points and also deal damage! Here’s a table showcasing some of the critical features of this build:

FeatureLevel GainedDescription
Healing Light1stAs a bonus action, heal others using d6s equal to 1 + your Warlock level
Radiant Soul6thAdd Charisma modifier to one radiant or fire damage roll per turn
Celestial Resilience10thGain temporary hit points equal to Warlock level + Charisma modifier after completing a short or long rest
Searing Vengeance14thWhen reduced to 0 hit points, regain half your maximum hit points as temporary HP instead

Embrace the power of your celestial patron while ensuring the survival of yourself and your party members. Your newfound affinity for healing magic and warlock versatility will make you an indispensable asset in any adventuring group seeking freedom from darkness.


So, you want to be the best healer in your D&D squad? Bravo! With these top-notch builds, you’ll have your fellow adventurers begging for your healing expertise. Remember: great power comes great responsibility (and many more potion ingredients).

Go forth and show off your divine prowess! No dungeon is too dark or dragon too fierce when you’ve got these heavenly healers on your side. Keep those hit points up, and remember to enjoy every sarcastic quip along the way.