Did you know that 60% of Aasimar characters in DnD choose the Paladin class?

But there’s a world of divine possibilities beyond that. Here’s our list of the top seven classes for Aasimar players to explore in 2024, each offering unique abilities and story potential.

From celestial warlocks to sun soul monks – let’s explore these heavenly options to make your next campaign truly divine.

1. Paladin

As a paladin, you’ll find your Aasimar’s celestial heritage truly radiates, augmenting your capacity to guard and heal with divine strength. Your inherent light perfectly supplements the Paladin’s sacred mission, transforming you into a breathtaking source of optimism on the battlefield.

Your divine smites become glowing outbursts of heavenly energy, able to vanquish even the blackest enemies. The healing hands quality of Aasimar can supplement your lay on hands ability, guaranteeing no comrade falls while you’re around.

And did we mention how Aasimar’s racial traits such as immunity to necrotic and radiant damage sync perfectly with a Paladin’s aura of protection? It makes you almost invincible against certain magicians and undead creatures.

The synergy between an Aasimar’s angelic lineage and a Paladin’s oath-bound powers doesn’t stop there. Your racial ability to cast daylight pairs well with class features like divine sense or cleanse evil – it’s like having an additional spell slot that refreshes each sunrise!

But remember this isn’t just about stats and abilities; it’s about forming a character that resonates with your vision. So envision yourself as this celestial warrior – embody their determination, channel their poise, let your actions reverberate through time as stories worth telling!

2. Cleric

Clerics are an excellent option for those looking to adopt a supportive and healing role in their party. As an Aasimar, your inherent celestial nature is a perfect match for the divine magic of this class.

Here’s a quick table that shows how some of the Cleric’s key features fit with an Aasimar’s racial traits:

Divine DomainChoose a deity to serve and gain domain-specific spells & abilitiesAligns well with Aasimar’s celestial legacy
Channel DivinityUse divine energy to fuel magical effectsEnhances the Aasimar’s Radiant Soul feature
Divine InterventionCall upon your deity for direct aidAdds depth to an Aasimar’s angelic lore
Spellcasting FocusCast powerful healing and protective spellsComplements the Aasimar’s natural healing ability, Healing Hands
Heavy Armor ProficiencyWear heavy armor without any penaltiesEnhances the naturally sturdy constitution of most Aasimars

As you progress through levels as a Cleric, remember it isn’t just about casting heal spells or maintaining buffs. The efficient usage of your abilities can shift battles and save lives during difficult situations.

Your celestial lineage boosts this role, adding depth and flavor to your character’s story. There is no doubt; an Aasimir Cleric is not only useful but also narratively fascinating.

3. Warlock (Celestial Pact)

Choosing to travel down the path of a Warlock with a Celestial pact can be an alluring option for you. This class choice permits your Aasimar character to embody their celestial heritage, creating a connection with the divine that grants them special powers and abilities.

As a Celestial Warlock, you’ll gain access to healing spells, not often seen among warlocks. You’re not only dealing damage; you also serve as a beacon of hope and recovery for your party.

Your extended spell list contains potent healing spells such as Cure Wounds and Healing Word, as well as radiant damage-dealing options like Guiding Bolt and Flame Strike.

The Radiant Soul feature of your Aasimar race meshes well with this class choice. It boosts any radiant or fire damage dealt by your spells, making those holy flames burn even brighter against your enemies!

Additionally, don’t overlook the Gift of the Ever-Living Ones invocation – it maximizes any healing you receive while your familiar is within 100 feet.

With the right build, an Aasimar Celestial Warlock can excel both on and off the battlefield. Harnessing divine energies and celestial blessings make you an unbeatable force in the Dungeons & Dragons universe – one that embodies both power and mercy in equal measure.

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4. Sorcerer (Divine Soul)

You might find the Divine Soul Sorcerer an intriguing choice for your Aasimar character. This class takes advantage of your innate celestial heritage, combining it with raw arcane power to create a unique blend of divine and arcane spellcasting.

As a Divine Soul Sorcerer, you gain access to both the Cleric’s and Sorcerer’s spell list, allowing you to mix and match spells for greater versatility.

Your Favored by the Gods feature provides a safety net when saving throws or attack rolls don’t quite hit their mark, demonstrating divine intervention at its peak.

Empowered Healing lets you manipulate dice in favor of better healing results, boosting the natural healing prowess of your Aasimar race.

Your celestial bloodline is not only flavor text but also adds substance to mechanics. Pair that with metamagic options like Twinned Spell or Distant Spell, and you’ve got plenty of room for creative strategies.

Plus, who can ignore the attraction of being part angel and part sorcerer?

So why not try it out? Harness your dual nature as an Aasimar Divine Soul Sorcerer. Embrace this celestial-arcane synergy that offers both potency in combat and captivating role-play prospects.

5. Monk (Way of the Sun Soul)

Monks following the Way of the Sun Soul offer a distinct twist on their martial arts prowess. As an Aasimar, your celestial heritage can blend perfectly with this subclass, creating a character that’s akin to a divine avatar on the battlefield.

At 3rd level, you can tap into the power of your radiant soul to cast Radiant Sun Bolt, transforming your fists into ranged weapons of light.

Your enemies can be defeated by powerful blasts of holy energy launched from your hands, particularly those vulnerable to radiant damage.

Your Aasimar abilities further enhance your Monk features. With Healing Hands and Light Bearer as racial traits, you are a potent warrior and a source of support for your party.

The Darkvision trait further assists with dungeon exploration or night-time encounters.

As you progress in levels and gain more Ki points (the mystical energy harnessed by monks), abilities like Searing Arc Strike and Sun Shield make you even more potent in combat while embodying the radiant theme perfectly.

So if you’re after a powerful and versatile class for an Aasimar character, reflect on walking the Way of the Sun Soul as a monk; it’s sure to brighten up any campaign!

6. Bard

Having explored the impressive power of the Monk, let’s now take a look at a class that not only excels in combat but also stands out in social situations: the Bard.

As an Aasimar Bard, you tap into your celestial roots and use it to motivate your allies, influence your enemies, and craft magic with your words or music.

Your natural charisma pairs perfectly with this class’ primary casting ability, allowing you to cast potent spells that can shape the battlefield while keeping your friends encouraged.

You could choose the College of Lore for its diverse skill set and extra magical knowledge or perhaps lean towards the College of Glamour for its captivating powers that match your divine allure.

Each college offers exclusive enhancements to your performance capabilities and spellcasting proficiency.

Think of telling stories of celestial clashes or singing tunes imbued with divine vigor as a way of encouraging resolve or sowing uncertainty amongst foes.

With such capabilities, an Aasimar Bard is undoubtedly one of the top choices when thinking of classes for an Aasimar character.

Remember though – role-playing chances are key here; play up those heavenly roots!

7. Druid

Shifting our focus, let’s explore the world of Druids. As an Aasimar, playing a Druid can be a unique and rewarding experience. With their strong link to nature and potent healing spells, Druids can be a great addition to any party.

Here’s why Aasimars make great druids:

  • Healing Powers: All Aasimars come with innate healing powers, which further strengthens the Druid’s healing capabilities.
  • Healing Hands: This Aasimar racial trait gives extra healing power that can prove useful in tough battles or difficult situations.
  • Celestial Resistance: This feature provides resistance to necrotic and radiant damage, making combat more survivable.
  • Nature Affinity: The spiritual connection between the celestial beings (which Aasimars are descended from) and nature can add interesting depth to role-playing scenarios.
  • Wild Shape: Your ability to transform into animals as a druid can provide strategic benefits in various scenarios.

Selecting a Druid class for your Aasimar character can lead to wonderful gameplay moments. You’ll get to experience two opposing elements – celestial heritage and earthly energy – in your character.

So go ahead, explore the wild side of nature while also having the divine power within you!


You’ve beheld the brilliance, and it’s emanating from these top classes for Aasimars in DnD.

Whether wielding holy power as a Paladin, invoking divine spells as a Cleric, forming celestial pacts as a Warlock, embodying your divine essence as a Sorcerer, basking in the sun’s brilliance as a Monk, harmonizing with Bardic tunes or attuning to nature’s harmony as a Druid – you’re set to make your mark in any campaign.

Steel yourself! The quest awaits!