Stuck in a dungeon, surrounded by enemies? Don’t worry! With the right spells, allies of great power can be summoned to your aid. Be it a celestial entity or a horde of undead, we have you sorted.

Here are our top 7 picks of the best spells for summoning allies in DnD 5e that will tip the scales in your favor with ease.

Continue reading; your group’s survival may hinge on this knowledge.

1. Conjure Animals

Conjure Animals is a highly adaptable spell, right? Visualize being trapped; foes are all around you.

With a simple gesture and a vocalized charm, you call upon creatures to assist you. From formidable wolves to large eagles, the options are numerous. However, it’s not all about raw power; strategic planning is essential here.

You can enhance your forces with extra combatants or employ them for intelligence gathering missions. Need a distraction? Call forth smaller beings like rabbits or squirrels. It truly depends on how inventive you can get.

Consider Conjure Animals as more than just a tool for battle; it’s a manifestation of your tactical acumen in warfare and beyond. Regular practice and comprehension will reveal its genuine potential!

2. Conjure Elemental

You’ll truly appreciate the Summon Elemental ability, a versatile option that lets you harness the might of potent elemental forces. This magic trick affords you an advantage in diverse situations, enhancing the excitement of your gaming experiences.

Here are a few reasons why:

  1. Elemental Variety: This ability grants you the freedom to select from Earth, Fire, Water, or Air Elementals, each boasting its distinct capabilities.
  2. Powerful Allies: These summoned elementals are not merely distractions; they can inflict substantial damage and withstand considerable hits themselves.
  3. Controlled Actions: You have the power to dictate the actions of these summoned beings during your turn, providing you with strategic control.
  4. Terrain Advantage: Certain elementals might be able to exploit terrain benefits based on the environment.

Embrace this dynamic feature in DnD 5e and make your allies green with envy over your impressive new power!

3. Animate Dead

Animate Dead presents an entirely new aspect to gameplay, offering an intriguing ability that allows you to summon and control undead beings.

This spell proves to be of immense help when you’re under immense pressure or simply require some additional offensive power.

The raised zombies and skeletons are not simply mindless automatons, they obey your orders precisely. Regardless of whether it involves launching a direct attack against your enemies or maintaining a defense at a crucial location, these undead warriors remain steadfast and unafraid.

Just bear in mind their restrictions: they cannot carry out intricate tasks or make individual decisions. But no need for concern! With your intelligent direction, even such straightforward followers can tip the balance in a conflict.

Are you prepared to assume control of the deceased? This could be the key to triumph in D&D 5e!

4. Conjure Celestial

Switching to a more celestial viewpoint, ‘Conjure Celestial’ allows you to invoke divine entities to assist in battles. This advanced spell enables you to summon a celestial of challenge rating 4 or lower.

As a spellcaster, this gives you an advantage during conflicts, with your summoned comrade prepared for battle.

Here are some important points to remember:

  1. The celestial follows your instructions and battles in your place until the spell concludes.
  2. The spell requires your concentration for up to 1 hour.
  3. The celestial vanishes if it reaches 0 hit points or if your concentration is broken.
  4. No one else can control or dismiss the celestial.

With such mighty power at your disposal, ‘Conjure Celestial’ can truly shift the tide of any battle!

5. Find Familiar

The ‘Find Familiar’ spell is more than just summoning an adorable creature into your life. It’s a significant strategic tool that can provide crucial support and insight in various scenarios.

With this 1st-level conjuration spell, you as the spellcaster, get a friendly spirit taking an animal form of your preference: cat, owl, bat, or even a frog.

These small allies should not be taken lightly. They possess the ability to scout for unseen dangers and can act as a proxy for your touch spells.

They communicate with you telepathically within a radius of 100 feet, acting as an additional pair of senses. Whether you require stealthy information gathering or a magical courier in battle situations, ‘Find Familiar’ is the spell to consider when planning tactically.

6. Planar Ally

The ‘Planar Ally’ spell is a beneficial tool you will certainly appreciate when you require assistance from a superior power in your conflicts. This 6th level Cleric spell lets you request the help of a being from a different plane of existence.

The spell is more than just a summoning technique; it also offers the opportunity to negotiate the terms of service with the summoned entity.

  1. Choosing the Entity: This spell permits you to summon any creature from an alternate plane of existence.
  2. Negotiating Terms: Be prepared, the entity you summon may ask for something in return for its help.
  3. Spell Duration: The summoned ally will stay with you either until it has finished its task or until 24 hours have elapsed.
  4. Flexibility: The ‘Planar Ally’ spell brings a considerable amount of flexibility to the table. The summoned allies can aid in fights, offer valuable knowledge, or carry out other necessary tasks.

7. Conjure Fey

‘Conjure Fey’ is a spell of considerable interest. It enables you to call upon a fey creature for assistance in your journey. With this spell, you can call forth beings such as dryads, pixies, or even the mighty unicorn.

It’s not just their power that’s impressive. These magical entities bring a captivating charm and flexibility to your group. They have the ability to heal injuries, enact their own spells, or participate in battle when required.

However, make sure to maintain focus. If your concentration wavers, they could become aggressive! The spell has a duration of an hour unless it is ended early.

With ‘Conjure Fey’, you are tapping into the enchanting feywilds straight from your current location. Isn’t that thrilling?

Perfect this spell and let these elusive creatures sway the odds in your favor.


Whether you’re invoking a loyal companion or a celestial helper, remember, in DnD 5e, your magic is limitless, bounded only by your creativity.

Spells such as Conjure Animals and Animate Dead grant you the power to summon allies from all corners of the multiverse.

So, cast with confidence, strategize with intelligence, and let these top seven spells craft incredible tales of cooperation and adventure at your gaming table.