As a dedicated adventurer in Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition, you know that possessing the right weapon can make all the difference between triumph and defeat.

In your quest for power and freedom, nothing quite matches the sheer might and epic presence of a two-handed weapon.

These trusty tools of destruction deliver devastating blows and grant you an undeniable sense of control over your destiny as you crush enemies in your path.

In this article, we’ve ranked the top 7 best two-handed weapons in DnD 5e to help you choose which mighty implement best suits your playstyle.

Whether you’re a diehard barbarian seeking raw damage or a cunning ranger looking for versatility. We’ll explore each weapon’s unique abilities and characteristics to give you the edge on your next adventure.

So grab hold with both hands and prepare yourself for battle as we dive into these powerful instruments of freedom!

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7. Greataxe

TwoHanded Weapons In DnD 5e

You’ll love swinging a great axe, as it’s one of the most two-handed weapons in DnD 5e. This mighty weapon is perfect for those who seek to unleash their inner strength and feel the thrill of striking down their foes with sheer brute force.

With its imposing design and immense power. The great axe is ideal for adventurers such as barbarians or fighters who crave the intoxicating rush from wielding raw, unrestrained power in battle.

he great axe boasts a formidable damage output, dealing a staggering 1d12 slashing damage on each successful hit. This incredible potential for destruction allows you to carve your way through enemies like a whirlwind of steel, granting you both satisfaction and freedom as you dominate the battlefield.

Furthermore, its impressive reach offers an additional tactical advantage – not only can you efficiently cleave through adversaries, but you also keep them at bay while maintaining a safe distance.

Embrace your primal instincts and indulge in the liberating sensation of wielding this awe-inspiring weapon as you forge your path to glory and victory!

6. Greatsword/Maul

Imagine swinging a Greatsword or Maul with such force that it shatters your enemies’ bones, leaving in its wake. These two-handed weapons are the epitome of power and destruction in DnD 5e, allowing you to unleash devastating blows on your opponents while feeling the thrill of battle coursing through your veins.

A Greatsword is a massive sword with a longer blade than an average longsword, while a Maul is like an oversized hammer capable of crushing everything in its path.

The Greatsword and Maul deal 2d6 damage per hit, making them incredibly lethal options for warriors looking to their damage output.

They offer impressive damage potential and provide certain tactical advantages that make them perfect choices for any adventurer seeking freedom on the battlefield.

These advantages include versatility, reach, crowd control, and style points. While primarily used by fighters and barbarians, other classes, like paladins and rangers, can also wield these weapons.

Their size grants you a better reach than one-handed weapons – perfect for engaging foes from a safer distance. The sheer impact of your attacks can potentially knock back or even stun multiple enemies at once. And let’s face it – there’s something undeniably extraordinary about wielding one of these weapons as you charge into battle.

So whether you’re cleaving through hordes of goblins with your mighty Greatsword or smashing undead skulls with your colossal Maul, these two-handed weapons will leave their mark on friend and foe alike. Embrace the power within you and dominate the battlefield with these tools of destruction!

5. Lance

TwoHanded Weapons In DnD 5e

Wielding a mighty lance, you’ll feel like an unstoppable force as you charge into battle on your trusty steed. The lance is a unique two-handed weapon in DnD 5e, explicitly designed for mounted combat.

With its impressive reach of 10 feet, you can strike enemies from afar while their counterattacks. Moreover, the damage dealt by a lance becomes even more devastating when charging toward your foes – providing an overwhelming sense of power and control that few other weapons can match.

One of the main advantages of using a lance is its ability to break through enemy lines quickly. Imagine the exhilaration as you gallop freely across the battlefield, thrusting your weapon deep into enemy ranks and watching them scatter before your might!

In addition to this feeling of freedom and dominance, mastering the art of mounted combat adds a layer of strategy and depth to your DnD experience. So saddle up, take hold of a mighty lance, and embrace the thrill of being both a fast-moving cavalry unit and a skilled warrior in one magnificent package.

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4. Longbow

TwoHanded Weapons In DnD 5e

A longbow offers unmatched precision and range in the hands of a skilled archer, allowing them to strike down foes from afar with deadly accuracy. This elegant two-handed weapon is a favorite among rangers and fighters who value freedom and prefer to keep their enemies at bay.

With its impressive range of up to 600 feet, you can rain arrows upon your adversaries before they can close in on you.

The 1d8 piercing damage may not seem like much at first glance. Still, when combined with your dexterity modifier, archery fighting style, and any other bonuses or magical enchantments, it’s easy to see how quickly this weapon can become a powerful force on the battlefield.

The longbow also symbolizes independence and self-reliance for many adventurers who embrace the thrill of exploration and discovery.

As you draw back that arrow and aim at your target, an undeniable sense of liberation comes from knowing you’re relying solely on your skill and intuition rather than brute strength or flashy magic.

Whether traversing dense forests or scaling treacherous mountain peaks, carrying a longbow instills within you a spirit of adventure that helps guide your path through unknown lands.

Embrace this sense of freedom as you wield one of the top two-handed weapons in DnD 5e – the magnificent longbow – and let loose those deadly arrows upon any foe foolish enough to stand in your way.

3. Light Crossbow

TwoHanded Weapons In DnD 5e

You’ll feel like a medieval sniper when you master using a light crossbow, a versatile and compact ranged weapon perfect for adventurers who prefer to strike from the shadows.

With its balance of power, range, and ease of use, this two-handed weapon allows you to unleash death from afar without sacrificing mobility or stealth. Its smaller size makes it an excellent choice for rogues, rangers, and other elegant characters who must maintain their agility while delivering punishing attacks.

The light crossbow boasts several key advantages over other ranged weapons:

  1. Impressive range: Capable of hitting targets up to 80 feet away with no penalties and reaching as far as 320 feet at a disadvantage.
  2. Simple mechanics: It only requires simple proficiency to use effectively, making it accessible to various character classes.
  3. Ammo versatility: You can choose from different bolts (such as silvered or magical), which allow you to bypass specific resistances or deal extra damage.

Embrace your inner marksman and experience the thrill of picking off enemies individually as they desperately search for cover in vain against your unerring aim. With each trigger pull on your light crossbow, taste true freedom in combat – knowing that distance is your ally and your foes’ worst nightmare!

2. Shortbow

TwoHanded Weapons In DnD 5e

Master the art of silent, swift strikes with a short bow and watch your enemies fall before they know what hit them. The short bow is an excellent two-handed weapon for those who prefer to keep their distance from danger while delivering precise, deadly shots.

Its lightweight design makes it easy to carry and maneuver, allowing you to quickly adapt to any situation that may arise during your adventures.

As a simple ranged weapon, the short bow offers a respectable damage output with its 1d6 piercing damage per shot, making it perfect for targeting vulnerable foes or picking off weaker targets.

In addition to its effectiveness in combat, the short bow provides unparalleled freedom when used by skilled archers. With a range of 80/320 feet and the ability to be fired while moving stealthily through various terrains, you’ll have no trouble maintaining control over the battlefield from a safe vantage point.

This sense of independence will empower you as you continue your journey into uncharted lands and face unknown challenges. So go ahead – embrace the power of the wind at your back and unleash arrows imbued with your indomitable spirit!

1. Greatclub

TwoHanded Weapons In DnD 5e

It’s hard not to feel like an unstoppable force when wielding a great club, as each crushing blow sends tremors of fear through your enemies’ ranks.

This massive two-handed weapon is perfect for those who love the thrill of smashing their foes to bits with raw power and brute strength.

With its significant heft and reach, the lavish club is designed for devastating impact, causing severe damage on every successful strike.

The versatility of this weapon makes it an excellent choice for adventurers who want to be prepared for any situation – whether you’re a barbarian at the front lines or a fighter looking to make a powerful statement.

While using a great club may not require finesse, it does allow you to tap into your inner warrior and unleash that primal urge for freedom from constraints on the battlefield.

Imagine the adrenaline pumping through your veins as you charge headfirst into combat, brandishing this mighty weapon above your head and bellowing a battle cry that strikes terror in your enemies’ hearts.

There’s something incredibly satisfying about letting loose with all your might and seeing everything in your path crumble beneath the force of your swing – knowing that nothing can hold you back or stand in your way when you’ve got this colossal club in hand.

So take up arms with one of these top-tier weapons, and embrace the liberating power of destruction that only comes from wielding a great club.

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So, there you have it, folks! These are the top 7 two-handed weapons in DnD 5e that pack a punch like a thunderbolt from Zeus. Choose wisely and wield these bad boys to shake your enemies in their boots.

Remember, it’s not just about raw damage output. It’s also about finding the weapon that perfectly suits your playstyle and character concept. Keep experimenting, and let your inner warrior shine bright!