Are you aware that 60% of DnD 5e players tend to ignore polearms? You’re set to alter this trend.

Plunge into this comprehensive guide, where we’ll discuss the top seven polearms and their unique uses in the game.

You’ll soon master your weapon of choice, outwit foes, and become an essential asset to your team.

So, grab your adventure gear – it’s high time you demonstrated what they’ve been missing!

1. Glaive

Opting for the glaive, are we? Let’s take a detailed look at it for your DnD 5e campaign.

The glaive, with its great length and slashing potential, can be an intimidating weapon in the right hands. It’s a two-handed weapon that deals 1d10 damage.

Don’t overlook its reach property – it allows you to hit enemies from a distance of ten feet! This gives you enough space to protect the less resilient party members from the majority of melee attackers.

Combining the glaive with the Polearm Master ability can provide significant control on the battlefield. It provides you an opportunity to inflict an extra attack as adversaries enter your range, transforming your character into a solitary stronghold against enemy onslaughts.

Make your choice wisely and always remember, strategy is the key!

2. Halberd

The halberd is a weapon of notable versatility in your armory. This unique polearm, which merges the chopping strength of an axe with the piercing prowess of a spear, is ideal for Dungeons and Dragons (DnD) 5e combats which require strategic thinking.

Your actions aren’t haphazard swings; instead, you’re dictating the dynamics of the battlefield.

The reach of this weapon is 10 feet, enabling you to attack adversaries before they’re in striking distance. It’s classified as a martial weapon, and while proficiency can be beneficial, it’s not a prerequisite.

Utilize it during your Attack action to inflict 1d10 slashing damage, which can prove catastrophic when executed at the right moment.

Take into account the adaptability of the halberd – useful for both warding off incoming assaults or counterattacking with potent blows. In DnD 5e game sessions, every edge is valuable, and brandishing a halberd might shift the balance to your side.

3. Pike

Compared to the halberd, a pike offers an extended reach of 15 feet, which can be a crucial advantage in battles where range is important. Think of yourself as a warrior in your DnD campaign; you’d want every advantage you can get, right?

Hence, with a pike, you have the chance to strike first and control the battlefield.

Now, let’s talk about the specifics – handling this polearm necessitates two hands. But here’s the interesting part: when utilized correctly, it can inflict substantial piercing damage. It’s not just about power, though; skill is a critical factor too.

Given its longer reach, you must perfect your positioning and timing to optimize its destructive effect. Keep in mind, wielding a pike isn’t merely holding a long stick – it’s about mastering a battle technique!

4. Quarterstaff

Changing gears, let’s discuss the quarterstaff – a popular selection among wizards and monks due to its lightness and adaptability. Visualize using this basic yet potent weapon in your upcoming campaign; it possesses some distinctive characteristics you’re sure to value.

Weapon AttributeQuarterstaff Details
Damage TypeBludgeoning
Special PropertiesNone

The quarterstaff’s minimal weight makes it easy to handle. It deals bludgeoning damage, ideal for breaking through adversary armor. Its adaptability enables one or two-handed operation, delivering more force when necessary.

Even though it doesn’t have any special features, never underestimate its power; the simplest of weapons can be formidable in proficient hands. The quarterstaff stands as evidence to this fact.

5. Guisarme

Let’s now dive into the detailed examination of the Guisarme, a truly distinctive weapon sure to pique your interest. This polearm, characterized by its hooked blade, is ideal for reaching out and destabilizing opponents.

When you hold this weapon, you’re not just launching an attack; you’re dictating the dynamics of the battlefield.

In D&D 5e, consider the dual functionality of inflicting damage and disarming foes! You could utilize its reach to target enemies from behind your party’s tank.

Though it lacks high base damage, its usefulness compensates. If you’re astute in positioning and tactical in your approach, the Guisarme can be an exceptional tool in your arsenal.

Keep in mind, though, becoming adept at such a weapon necessitates practice. But isn’t that part of the thrill? Just contemplate their reactions when they realize they’ve underrated your weaponry choice!

6. Ranseur

Continuing our journey, we come across the Ranseur, a weapon that rivals the Guisarme in intrigue. Recognizable by its long reach and unique design – a spear tip with two outward curving prongs – it’s a highly adaptable weapon in your arsenal.

Here are three reasons why the Ranseur will be your new favorite weapon:

  • Its reach: It allows you to maintain distance from enemies while delivering potent attacks.
  • Its adaptability: It can be used to disarm opponents or surprise them with an unexpected move.
  • Its power: When wielded with the correct technique, it is deadly against armored adversaries.

So, when you’re preparing for your next clash, remember to consider the Ranseur. It’s not just an ornate spear; it’s a strategic game-changer when it comes to hand-to-hand combat.

Believe me, becoming proficient with this weapon will add an thrilling edge to your DND 5e campaign.

7. Bardiche

We’ve just journeyed through the intricacies of handling a ranseur. Now, let’s switch focus and discuss the imposing elegance of the bardiche.

With its wide, axe-like blade attached to a lengthy pole, this weapon traces its origins back to Eastern Europe. It’s a preferred choice among DnD players who relish dealing hefty damage while keeping a safe distance from adversaries.

Envisage stepping onto the battlefield armed with this formidable weapon; your opponents will undoubtedly tremble at its sight!

The bardiche primarily relies on strength, making it an excellent choice if you’re playing a character with muscular prowess. You can employ it to launch wide-ranging attacks against multiple enemies or channel all its power on a single target.

Don’t downplay its potential – mastering the bardiche could revolutionize your combat strategy completely!


You’ve journeyed through the domain of polearms, from the extensive reach of the glaive to the lethal accuracy of the ranseur.

Were you aware that in DnD 5e, handling a polearm can provide you a 10-foot reach? That’s double the distance as compared to most melee weapons!

Given these strategic benefits, your upcoming campaign could take a thrilling twist. So, seize that bardiche or quarterstaff and discover fresh tactics to defeat your enemies.

The thrill of adventure is calling!