You’ve found a bag of holding in your D&D 5e campaign, haven’t you? Now you’re curious about its value. Don’t worry; we’re here to help.

This guide gets to the bottom of the price of this much-desired item, sets straight common misconceptions, and even includes some cautionary tales.

Get ready as we dive deep into the magic of D&D’s bag of holding.

What is a Bag of Holding in D&D 5e?

The Bag of Holding is a special item in the game Dungeons & Dragons 5e. Its primary function is to provide additional storage capacity for your character during their thrilling adventures.

Unlike an ordinary bag, the Bag of Holding can store an impressive amount of items, far beyond its physical size.

Exploring its unique features, the bag opens to an extradimensional space that is approximately 2 feet in diameter and 4 feet deep. This space can accommodate up to 500 pounds of goods, yet the bag itself never weighs more than 15 pounds.

This is extremely convenient when you’re carrying heavy items like gold coins or large dragon bones. However, caution must be exercised not to overfill the bag or damage it as this could lead to the loss of all its contents to another dimension.

Using the Bag of Holding effectively requires careful planning. Items should be placed inside it carefully, as pulling out an item can take time, especially during combat rounds. Time is of the essence in these situations, so you wouldn’t want to waste precious moments searching for an item in your bag.

The Mechanics of a Bag of Holding

Are you intrigued by the way the Bag of Holding operates? Let’s simplify the mechanics behind this magical item.

At its core, it’s a charmed pouch that can store a large number of items, regardless of its apparent petite size.

For a better grasp, take note of these central points:

  • Size and Weight: The bag on its own weighs approximately 15 pounds, independent of its contents. Its ability to store is dictated by weight, not physical space, accommodating up to 500 pounds.
  • Retrieving Items: There’s no need to rummage through the bag to locate your items. Instead, visualize the desired item and reach inside the bag. If it’s present, it will materialize in your hand.
  • Timeless Space: The Bag of Holding’s interior is known as a timeless space; thus, no living being should remain inside for more than a few minutes.

Keep these guidelines in mind while utilizing your Bag of Holding. It’s an essential tool for hauling treasure or keeping items safe during adventures without being burdened!

How to Acquire a Bag of Holding in Your Campaign

Let’s discuss how you can obtain this magical sack in your campaign. Securing the Bag of Holding isn’t as complicated as it might appear, but it does need a tactical approach.

Below is a table listing some possible ways of retrieving this handy item:

Quest RewardA DM could offer it as a reward for a quest.
PurchaseObtainable at magic stores; cost varies according to DM’s decision.
LootCan be discovered in dragon treasures or ancient remnants.
CraftingIf your DM permits, create using unique materials.
Magical GiftPresented by potent magic users or supernatural beings.

Keep in mind, these are not the only ways to acquire the bag; they are just suggestions based on typical game mechanics and lore.

Discuss with your Dungeon Master (DM) about your interest in obtaining the Bag of Holding, and devise strategies accordingly.

Your character’s backstory or personal ambitions could even be linked to this desire for such a relic! Whether through buying, finding, making, or story advancement – there’s always a way to acquire what you need if you’re diligent and inventive enough.

The Cost of a Bag of Holding: Debunking Myths

Clarifying misconceptions about the cost of this enchanting item is essential, given the rampant spread of incorrect information. Perhaps you’ve come across exaggerated stories about the price of a Bag of Holding in Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition (5e).

The moment has come to correct these inaccuracies and provide you with precise, dependable data.

The actual price tag for a Bag of Holding isn’t outrageous or inconsistent. It is reasonably priced for most adventurers, at approximately 500 gold pieces (gp).

This price might fluctuate a bit based on your Dungeon Master (DM) and the specific details of your campaign, but it should remain fairly close to this figure.

To further clarify, let’s correct three prevalent myths:

  • Myth 1: A Bag of Holding has a price tag in the thousands of gp.
  • Myth 2: The cost of the bag varies greatly depending on what’s inside.
  • Myth 3: Every DM has a different pricing system for this item.

Keep in mind, knowing the genuine cost enables you to strategize your game plan. Don’t be misled by hearsay or unconfirmed data. Always look for reliable sources and confirm with your DM if unsure.

The Dangers of Misusing a Bag of Holding

The misuse of a Bag of Holding can lead to severe outcomes, so it’s essential to be aware of the potential risks. This is not just an ordinary bag, but a magical one with distinct properties. It can hold a massive amount more than its size implies, but incorrect use could be deadly.

Overloading the bag or inserting another extra-dimensional space, like a Portable Hole, can cause the bag to rupture and be destroyed. Everything stored inside either spills out or is lost forever in another dimension – a truly unfortunate event.

Worse still? If you’re within a 10-foot radius of the rupture, there’s a risk you’ll be pulled into an astral plane – certainly not where you intended to go!

Even a simple act, such as turning the Bag of Holding inside out, can have serious consequences. All the contents would suddenly scatter around you.

Also, it’s important to note that living creatures trapped in the bag can only survive for a certain period before they suffocate. So, using it for smuggling is not advisable unless it’s an absolute necessity!

Recognizing these dangers is key to using it safely. After all, knowledge is a powerful tool when dealing with magical items such as these.

Can You Suffocate in a Bag of Holding?

You may be curious to know if suffocation is a possibility within the confines of this mystical storage bag, and the unfortunate response is affirmative.

Despite its magical properties, the bag of holding is not a source of endless air supply. Once inside, a mere 10 minutes is all the time you have before the oxygen depletes. This harsh fact calls for careful thought when making use of such potent sorcery.

Here are a few scenarios where this could become a pressing concern:

  • Choosing to conceal yourself or another person in the bag for a prolonged duration.
  • Engaging in a battle beneath the water, where your sole survival strategy is seeking refuge in the bag.
  • Entrapping a being that has no understanding of time.

Effective use of the Bag of Holding without jeopardizing lives calls for strategic planning. Prioritize safety when handling such powerful relics from Dungeons & Dragons! Despite its primary role being storage, misuse can result in severe outcomes.

What Happens if You Turn a Bag of Holding Inside Out?

If you’ve ever been curious about the result of turning your magical storage bag inside out, it’s quite the spectacle. Everything stored within is instantly expelled in a random sequence. It may sound intriguing, but caution is advised—this is not an action to be taken lightly.

Let’s examine some strategic insights connected to this:

Turn Inside OutContents ExpelledCaution in Hazardous Areas
Repeat TurningPossible DamageRestrict Usage
Empty BagNo EffectSafe Action

You see, turning your bag of holding inside out in a perilous area could result in the loss of precious items or even inflict harm if anything harmful is stored inside.

Frequent turning could potentially damage the bag itself, diminishing its magical properties and reducing its lifetime. On the other hand, removing all items from the bag before turning it inside out has no effect—it stays a normal bag until it’s reverted.

How Much Gold Can Fit in a Bag of Holding?

Having previously discussed the captivating topic of turning a bag of holding inside out, it’s now time to address another interesting query – how much gold can a bag of holding contain?

This query has always aroused the interest of many adventurers; after all, the idea of effortlessly transporting large quantities of treasure is quite enticing.

A standard bag of holding in Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition can accommodate up to 500 lbs. Considering that gold pieces (gp) in D&D weigh approximately 0.02 lbs each, a simple calculation shows that your magical pouch could potentially carry a whopping 25,000 gp!

But keep in mind:

  • Although the bag can carry heavy loads, it doesn’t reduce their size. If your collection includes large items like gem-studded goblets or golden statuettes, you’ll run out of space before reaching the weight capacity.
  • Overloading the bag beyond its weight limit could damage it, causing it to rupture and spill its contents into the Astral Plane.
  • Be mindful of what else you’re storing in there! Tools and other valuable items also consume both weight and space.

Alternative Magic Storage Items

Keep in mind, there are alternate magic storage items ready for your treasure stashing needs, each distinct in its abilities and limitations.

For example, you have the Handy Haversack. Though it’s not as large as the Bag of Holding, it provides faster access to stored items. Plus, it won’t empty its contents when flipped over.

Should space be a matter of concern, the Portable Hole might be the solution. This six-foot diameter disc expands into a ten-foot deep pit capable of storing a considerable amount of loot.

Just be cautious not to place it inside another extradimensional space; we want to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

Also, consider the Efficient Quiver. Perfect for archers or spellcasters who rely on staves and rods, this item is quite handy. It can accommodate up to sixty arrows or bolts and also six medium-sized weapons.

The Robe of Useful Items is worth mentioning—perfect if you value a mix of items more than quantity. This piece of clothing features patches that represent useful objects. These patches can be removed and turned into actual items.


You’ve become well-versed about the Bag of Holding. Isn’t it incredible that it has the capacity to contain up to 500 pounds, yet its own weight is only 15?

Consider the idea of carrying an entire dragon’s hoard in your backpack. Apply this knowledge smartly in your game plans – and remember, avoid inverting it.

You possess the ability to revolutionize your D&D campaign with this magical accessory.